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This is the first installments of my excerpts from Crumbs Aren't Enough.  To view a video trailer of the book, please scroll down below.  I hope you enjoy!


“So I saw you coming back to the office with Jack. Any new developments?”

I wanted to scream, “Of course not! If I had any new developments I would have come to your office to talk about them!” But I didn’t scream, I just shared my worries.

“No updates. I can’t believe it’s the middle of September and he still just sees me as a work friend. I’m sitting here worried that he only thinks about me in the context of the office.”

“Um, that’s a tough one. I don’t think you should ask him out. I don’t think you will get anywhere doing that,” Ryan said sarcastically.

“I feel the same way. You could tell him to ask me out,” I said, laughing. I knew it was probably a stupid idea but I was feeling so desperate and I knew Ryan would do anything to help me find love.

“Girl, I love you, but I am not going to tell that man to ask you out. That would be more ridiculous than even I am comfortable with.”

I knew he was right, but I wanted him to be more helpful. I was racking my brain. What could I do for him to see me in a different light? How could I get him to view me as more than a friend? And then it hit me.

“Wait, what if I have a dinner party?” As I said it, I started to imagine the interactions between me and Jack. My friends could tell him awesome stories about me. I was fully in my own world when I heard Ryan say, “A dinner party . . . I like it.”

At this point, I want to share more, but I think it is easier for you to read if you can download the pdf.  Please click "Excerpt_pdf.pdf below next to "Download Attachments" to download and read more.

Also, the book is now released so you can order your copy of Crumbs Aren't Enough here now!



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