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Crumbs Aren't Enough: Inspirational New Novel Compels Women to Examine How Self-Esteem Impacts Their Relationships

Baltimore, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2013 -- Women and the media have rarely co-existed peacefully. From the ‘how to lose weight’ splashes on millions of magazines to the abundance of talk-shows and their focus on guilt, it comes as no surprise that most women freely admit to struggling with self-esteem. However, acting as a literary godsend, a compelling new book by Raquel Whiting Gilmer is giving women around the world an opportunity and reason to feel better about themselves.

‘Crumbs Aren’t Enough’ bucks the trend of media voices urging women to lose weight, look younger, work harder, and find a man. Instead, readers get an uplifting narrative that can change their minds and lives.


With $80,000 in student debt, an alter ego named Crazy Charlie, and more than her fair share of hang-ups, Charlie Bennett is on a mission: a mission to feel better about herself.

By all accounts this shouldn’t be too difficult. After all, Charlie has graduated from the best universities, has good friends to keep her sane, and an impressive résumé to boot. But her poor choices in men (and therapists) have left Charlie feeling fat, fretful, and fed up. She knows something has to change—she’s just not sure what.

When the elevator doors open and Jack Hudson appears with his perfect smile and perfect teeth, Charlie thinks she’s found her answer. A Taye Diggs lookalike who sees through Charlie’s imperfections, Jack could be The One—and not just because he can make strawberry shortcake from scratch.

But as their relationship develops without any sign of a commitment, Charlie is left grabbing for crumbs yet again. After a startling voicemail leaves her reeling with fresh uncertainties, she and her mission are put to the test: Can Charlie convince herself that she deserves the full meal?

As the author explains, her book depicts radical change that any woman can implement in her own life.

“Crumbs Aren’t Enough deals with how self-esteem affects relationships. The main character doesn't feel good about herself, so she accepts crumbs from the men in her life,” said Gilmer.

“Charlie realizes that something has to change so she goes into therapy and learns her own self-worth. Charlie learns to love herself, despite her perceived flaws. Every woman can learn something from this story,” continued Gilmer.

Since its release, the book has attracted a consistent string of rave reviews. For example, one reader commented, “This is a love story but in a non-traditional way. Yes, there are different relationships and the novel revolves around Charlie trying to find love, but when it comes down to it, this story is about Charlie finding the love she has for herself!"

Angela was equally as impressed, adding, "By the end, I was crying with my new best friend, and rejoicing with her too!"

With the book’s popularity increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

Crumbs Aren’t Enough’ is available now. For more information and to read excerpts, visit:

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Raquel Whiting

Raquel Whiting is a graduate of Princeton University and University of Virginia School of Law. She is currently an executive in a K-12 education company that provides tutoring services to disadvantaged youth.  She is passionate about helping others and encouraging them to love themselves no matter what. Raquel shares her thoughts and suggestions on her website,  She knows first-hand what it’s like to get less than what you deserve both personally and professionally. And after a series of failed relationships and lots of crumbs, she met the love of her life, Michael, in 2009 and they live in Baltimore, MD.


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